Oct. 2003 building process 'kaakberg' The house finished

We were renting a small apartment already for a couple of years.
In 2003 we decided to break down our old barn and build a new one with three floors in the old style
of the hay barns in the neighborhood ('kaakberg'). The new, large apartment was situated there. 
In 2014 we decided to rent only this 'kaakberg'  (the whole building) and we made a second bed room there.
The small apartment is not for rent anymore, since 2014. On the photo right you can see very well where the house is situated. Or you can browse with Google Earth to our House

The address is IJsselmeerdijk 26, 1473 PP Warder Netherlands

If you climb over the dike you have the beach and the lake to relax, swim or to make long walks.

You can also see pictures on this page

Photo's of the house. The white house is our house. The high building  is the  "kaakberg". 

View over the 'polders' Terrace in the backside   Stairs to terrace and small apartment


Bed room second floor l Dining table first floor  
 Living room with (sofa) beds Sauna room


    Bathroom upstairs View from bedroom upstairs


   Bed room downstairs
 Bed room downstairs
In  the bed room downstairs
Detail Makkumer Earthware