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Edam, the center, and other nice walks and visits nearby.

Edam, the center, and other nice walks and visits nearby.

In 2007 Edam celebrated its 650th anniversary as a 'city'. Edam round cheese has made Edam famous all over the world and is therefore widely sold in Edam's tourist center. Now you no longer experience Edam as a city, but as a beautiful, authentic town full of history.

You can eat well in various places in Edam, but you can also walk. But then also go outside the tourist center to experience how beautiful and quiet it is and what special places you can find. For this we have put together a special walk in Edam, which you can take. You can read about this on our blog .

You can walk or cycle to Edam from the Kaakberg. That is about 5 km.

  • From the Kaakberg you can walk on or under the dike to Edam.
    From the Kaakberg turn right. If you want to walk on the dike, you can climb directly up or via the steps (first to the left to go to the steps and then right again towards Edam.

  • We advise you to wear boots after a lot of rain as it can be soggy. At the shed in front of the Kaakberg there is a rack with boots that you can use, but it is probably better to bring your own boots.

  • The view is phenomenal on all sides. After the bend towards Edam, you can go down the stairs on the left and towards Strandbad.

  • Walking around Edam to eat or drink something there. Or you can turn right after the stairs towards the center of Edam.

  • You can bring the dog.

Would you like a longer walk? Then cross the water at the lock (you will see it on your left) and then follow the walk over the dike, towards Volendam.

Other places or towns of interest in the area are:

  • Volendam is very touristy, but the harbor is lively and charming. In Volendam, eating eel is part of it. You can eat the best at Smit Bokkum (just ask someone where Smit Bokkum is), not cheap, because eel is becoming rare and should not be fished upon much. Or you order 'butter en eek' in a Volendam restaurant. For example, in Spaander and definitely go and see the beautiful coffee room full of paintings.

  • Broek in Waterland, a beautiful little town with wooden houses with specific colors. From the N247 Edam - Amsterdam turn right and park the car.

  • Hoorn: Visit the harbor. You can also find the statue of the Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe here.

  • Enkhuizen: Here too a famous statue: the boy with his finger in the dike. Not a true story, but became world famous because of the American children's book about Hans Brinker. If you are with children, make sure to visit the outdoor museum of the Zuiderzee Museum

  • Marken: You can drive to Marken via the dike (which starts at Monnickendam). Or you can take the boat from Volendam to Marken. Wander around Marken and especially visit the small streets. Queen's Day is a celebration here with many people wearing the traditional dress, with orange details for that day. If you want a beautiful long walk, take the walk to the lighthouse. Ask for directions at the parking lot.

  • From the Kaakberg you can make various cycling trips, along the dike or into the villages. We have maps here or can print something for you.

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