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Wellness: relaxation, rest and movement

Wellness: relaxation, rest and movement

According to De Dikke van Dale (= Dutch Dictionary) is the meaning of

Well-ness (de; m)

  1. physical well-being

  2. activities, facilities and products that can contribute to increasing physical well-being.

The Country & Lake Luxury Kaakberg and the beautiful surroundings invite you to rest and relax and exercise. Lovely walk on or along the dike. Swimming in the Markermeer. A workout on the Bowflex Power Pro or an hour of yoga (mats provided). Cycling to Edam to drink a cappuccino on a terrace. Read or sunbathe on a comfortable chair in your own garden. In short, everything that is good for a person. Perhaps you do not immediately think of Wellness. Yet all of this contributes to a sense of physical 'well-being'.

But we will not disappoint you. Isn't it nice to plan a sauna day or take a spa bath, especially after a long bike ride or a day of shopping in Amsterdam? And what could be more comfortable than enjoying this at your own (temporary) home? This is the Wellness that we also offer you for free at 'Country & Lake':

Your own private sauna with shower and relaxation room. Soft towels, bathrobes, bucket (s) to take a warm foot bath or to pour on.

A Sundance Spa massage bath. Always 38 degrees with various jets. Great to fully relax the muscles and unwind, alone or with your friends or family. And that a few steps outside on your own terrace. It does not matter what time of year you come. We prefer winter ourselves. It is a sensation to step into the warm bath with a pack of snow. As soon as you come out, you will experience that the cold does not hurt you and you can still take your towel or bathrobe before you go back inside.

And then you sleep like a baby ...

PS! we have 36 solar panels that heat the Kaakberg, the sauna and spa and provide electricity.

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Published 23-08-2020 / Copyright © Country & Lake Luxury Kaakberg